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Custom Home and Home Addition Design Services

Every project is different with unique challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we established ways of providing our custom architectural design services that are completely flexible and that allow for changes and unforeseen issues. Because each project is as unique as the clients we work with. we offer many of our services that our clients can either elect to take advantage of or not. Below are some of the services we provide for our clients. And if you need us to help with an aspect of your project that you do not see below, by all means, just ask. If it is something that we are able to assist with, we will!

  • Preliminary design services only
  • Preliminary design and Construction document services
  • Coordination with other design services such as landscape design, interior design, hardscape design, structural engineer, etc.
  • Coordination with your general contractor or builder.
  • Assistance with architectural review submissions if needed.
  • Assistance with Historic Preservation Board review if needed.
  • Site plan
  • Assistance with State Department of Environmental Protection submissions for coastal projects.

Design Revisions

Design Revisions are a normal part of the design process. We strive to attain a clear understanding of your needs in the initial design consultation in order to keep revisions to a minimum. In the preliminary design stage two revision to the preliminary design is included in our services. However sometimes changes in the client’s needs or budget can cause revision time that exceeds that which is provided.

Any revisions to the preliminary designs or construction documents you request and that not covered in the above design phases will be compensated at our standard rate per hour. We do not charge penalties if changes are requested. If you ask us to exceed the original hours, we will provide an estimate of the hours needed for any revisions before we start the additional work. You will also be responsible for any additional printing fees beyond what is provided for in your original proposal.

Once work is started on a project, it is anticipated that the project will continue in a timely manner until completion. If during the course of a project, 30 days pass with no progress or communications from you, the project’s status will change from “Active” to “On Hold”. Any uncollected fees will be invoiced at that time. If the project resumes, the fees and the scope of work will be reviewed and if necessary adjusted before the restart of the project.

Custom Architectural Design Services Fee Structure

Because architectural design projects vastly differ, it is not possible to provide even an estimated total cost for your project. However, after the initial design consultation and site visit, we will be able to determine a time budget for your project and provide you with our estimate of fees and a payment schedule. For typical home design or remodeling project design plans, we require 1/3 of the estimated fees due as a retainer when our agreements are executed. 1/3 is due upon the completion and approval of the preliminary designs, and the balance would be due at the completion of the architectural construction documents and plans.

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