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Imagine Architectural Designs is a Jacksonville Architectural Design Company founded to bring clients custom and creative architectural designs. We have a passion about helping our clients build their dream homes to match your lifestyle and needs. We provide complete architectural design and construction document services including all required architectural structure and framing plans.

Our client’s often take advantage our experience once ground is broken to coordinate with contractors, landscape architects, structural engineers, and interior designers. We truly bring our clients a complete design package offering balance and harmony between all aspects of their custom home design. Contact Imagine Architectural Designs today, and let’s get started on your dream home!

Designing Your Dream Home with an Architectural Designer

Jacksonville Architectural Design Services

Why Use an Architectural Designer?

Are you aware that you are not required to use an architect to draw your custom home or home addition plans? It’s true. In Florida, you are able to work with an “Architectural Designer” to draw you residential home plans or residential addition plans. At Imagine Architectural Designs, our extensive experience and creativity allows us to explore exciting ways to create amazing interior and exterior designs for the unique tastes and goals of each of our clients.

The Process of Designing Your Dream Home

The Design Process

There are generally four steps involved in the design process; the initial design consultation, the site visit, creating preliminary designs, and creating the formal construction documents that will be used for permitting, and construction. Learn more about each of these steps.

Architectural Design Plans

Our Custom Home Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design Services

A Full Suite of Architectural Design Services

The many aspects of building a custom home or adding a major addition can seem overwhelming. That’s where we come in. From the initial plans to consulting with your builder or interior designer, and even your landscape designer. If you wish, we will help you navigate your entire project to assure that your plans and dreams accurately become reality.

Let’s Get Your Dreams and Ideas on Paper!